Spring Capsule Planning

I have recently succumbed to capsule wardrobes (inspiration here). Why you ask? Because like many other women, I feel the constant need to keep up with trends and buy more than necessary. Participating in a capsule wardrobe safeguards you from making purchases you instantly regret. For the entire 3 months, you don’t go shopping.

WHAT?! No shopping?

That is correct, no shopping.

And you know what? It’s not restricting like I expected, it’s almost freeing. During each capsule, instead of shopping, you make a wish list for the next capsule. You plan.


This is amazing because when it comes time to shop for the next capsule, you look at your wish list and decide…is it worth eating up my clothing budget and do I even still like it? A lot of items just tend to drift off my list by the time the buying process comes along because I realize that I just don’t really want that item.

For each new capsule, I try to limit the buying to 4-8 new items maximum. An even more restricting boundary on this is my seasonal wardrobe budget- $100. I know there are many women out there who spend this much a month on clothing, maybe even weekly, but that is not me. I have to learn how to restrict myself because spending more would be dangerous for my love of shopping- sorry not sorry.

Now for the fun…

What’s on your shopping wish list Misses M?

Black and white long sleeved striped top


Left * Right

(my husband makes fun of me for owning too many striped items…but I love stripes. It’s a fun pattern without restricting the matching possibilities!!)


Tunic Tee

Upper Left * Lower Left * Right

Denim Jacket


Denim Jacket

Remember how I said earlier that some items do not make the cut? Poor gingham button up… it is that item. I love the pattern, love the look on others, think it would be so fun to mix and match with my current wardrobe, however, for some terrible reason, button downs make me look like the Hunch Back of Notre Dame.

Que sera sera…

What’s on your wish list for Spring?


January Reading List/Reviews

The month of January has brought me less time to read than in December…for shame!  However, reading more (2 books at least a month) is a New Year’s Resolution for me, and I have been trying my hardest to make time.  My two books of the month are as follows:


Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Yes Please is still being worked on, and it is at times very funny, but I am not quite sold on it yet to recommend to others.  Cinder, on the other hand, was AMAZING.  It very much a young adult novel, but has a great story line and had me so hooked by the end I immediately ordered book number two in the series, Scarlet.  If you love fairy tales, read the book- seriously.

The Little Things are Sometimes the Big Things…

This weekend I got to spend some time with my little sister for the first time in 6 weeks (big deal for us, we usually see each other every week!)  She started college this fall and had so much joy to share with my family and me, and I enjoyed every moment listening to her about it.  Have you ever thought of taking a few minutes to list and meditate on the things that bring joy to your life?  For me, it is God, my husband, friends, family, my two dogs, exercise and food.  I really encourage all of you to take a few minutes to think about who or what brings your life joy, and really reflect on specific reasons why you are so glad those things are part of your life.  If it is a person, maybe even take a moment to reach out to them and just give them a quick encouraging message to make their Monday a little more special.

Oh, Clemson- How I Love You!

Clemson, South Carolina is one of my favorite locations on the face of this wonderful earth.  I went to undergrad nearby Clemson, and went to almost every single home football game for four consecutive years, in addition to visiting bi-weekly.  There are a million reasons for one to love Clemson, but to me, three reasons stand out:  football, community, and family time.

Death Valley roaring with excitement, the players running down The Hill, Howards Rock, the cannon going off to congratulate the Tigers, Tiger Rag- these traditions and many more are what greet game goers and players alike on game day in Clemson.  Unless you yourself experience firsthand a home football game at Clemson, you really do not understand how unified you can feel with the thousands of people surrounding you.  No, I am not biased. I have been to other college football stadiums and tried my best to experience it in full, however, it just does not compare. Everyone should attend a home Clemson football game once in your lifetime- I promise you that you will not regret it.

Another thing about Clemson that I love is the quaint town itself.  The lush lawns, the rolling hills, the old brick buildings, the mountains in the background, the lake, the seclusion of it all.  In my experience, it is rare to find a public college where the university is all together in location.  Most college towns are broken apart by corporate office buildings, living quarters that are not geared towards college students, and the like.  Clemson is not at all like this.  The whole town is geared towards college students.  You can safely walk anywhere your heart desires, almost all restaurants have a student discount, and also, bars and coffee shops everywhere the eye can see! Who could want more? Oh wait… the big kicker- even if it is not game day, you will see at least 75% of the population in orange. Glorious.

Now for the main reason I love this part of the South- my family.  Clemson is where I associate quality time with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law is a rock star when it comes to making the perfect tailgating spread, and making everyone feel loved and welcomed. My father-in-law always has my back to make sure that all my questions are answered when I did not see the last play or when I just am an unschooled football novice. I also love seeing my husband and how happy he gets to go to Clemson.  He could not be happier than when we go and visit- he loves it so much that he hopes we will one day retire in the beautiful town. I love seeing my husband’s side of the family in their “natural element”.  During our time together in Clemson, no one is ever left out, and everyone leaves with fond memories when the weekend is over.

My challenge to all of you?  Get some Clemson home game football tickets.  I can’t wait to see you there!